Hello everyone,

The restaurant will be closed for the short break during Monday 20th to Monday 27th of AUGUST 18.  Then will resume our normal operating days and hours as usual from Tuesday 28th AUGUST 18. 
These updates  will stay until further advise.  Thank you for you understanding.
  • we have to cease our delivery at this stage.  However, you may ask for the delivery in Castlemaine area ONLY.  If we are not too busy and your place is not too far,  we are more than welcome to do so.  Order $35 or more will not be charged for the delivery.  Otherwise, $7 charge is applied.
  • Our decision to cut down the usage of plastics is now finalised.  We are now using paper carry bag.  However, to make sure that your food get home safe and at the right amount, we still need to continue using the plastic containers.  Alternatively, you can bring your own containers.  Please let us know when you call to order your food.  We are happy to give you a discount of $0.20 for every meal you order that you bring containers for.
  • BYO other drinks than wine will be absolutely charged at $6.  So please keep in mind that you might see this on your bill.


Answers to some of the questions:

Q. Do you sell voucher?
A. Yes, we do.  Price available from $5.00 to anything price you wish to buy for.
Q. Are you open for lunch?
A. We are now open for lunch on Thursday and Friday 11.30 am to 3 pm. We do not normally open for lunch on another day/s.  However, please call to discuss for a special opening as we are quite flexible.
Q. Why do we have to place pre-order or only choose from the set menu when we want to bring more than 10 guests?
A. Due to the availability of staff and how busy on each day, we prefer you to place the order prior to date or choose from the set menu to avoid the very long delay.  However, in case that you have no problem with the delay in servicell be more than happy to have you order at the restaurant.  
Q. Do you have catering services?
A. Yes, we do. Please call to discuss the menu to suit your budget.
Q. Do you accept credit card and what type?
A. We do accept VISA and Master only.  Sorry, we do not accept American Express.
Q. Can you organize buffet?
A. Yes, we can organize buffet to suit your budget and the amount of your guests.  Please call and discuss with Archie for the menu.
Q. What are in the set menu and how it works?
A. Well, depends on which set menu you order. Please check our menu page fore the detail as we do our best to cater for everyone.  Our set menu is for individual.  It is not suitable to share.
All 3 sets which are set A, B, and C contains entree’, main, and drink.
Some rules for membership card usage are changed as follow:
Drinks will not be discounted using the membership card.
The membership card also cannot apply using in conjunction with the extra discount.

Our operating hours for Dinners are still the same. Please kindly call us to make sure that we will open for you (such as after 8.30 pm) as some nights we close sooner than our usual operating hours.

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Our home is always comfortable (feeling and temperature wises).   We are reasonable flexible. 

If you have special requirements, please specify and request to our lovely staff.  You do not need to be extraordinary to be treated special.  You are SPECIAL!!!

With care and regards,

Klua Sathorn staff and management

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